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“How to Be Healthy: 9 Easy Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle”

Small tweaks make a big difference


Don’t just take the stairs — use them

If you have stairs at your home or office, take them every chance you get. But don’t stop there. For a strong cardio workout, walk up and down the stairs repeatedly. Start with a limited number of repetitions, then increase them as you feel stronger.



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“6 Science-Based Health Benefits of Eating Vegan”

A vegan diet can offer an array of health benefits.


A vegan diet was found to produce the healthiest levels of diet-related biomarkers compared to other diet patterns, according to a Loma Linda University study reported in the February 19, 2019 issue of The Journal of Nutrition.”


“Can Religion Affect Health?”

What the studies indicate… Scientist have long had an interest in the effects religious beliefs and behavior have on physical and mental health.


“Healthy Trust In God: Exploring the connectedness of body, mind, ands spirit”


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“5 Mental Benefits of Exercise”

From less stress to a boost in self-esteem, exercise is as great for your brain as it is for your body.


“The Right Kind of Exercise May Boost Memory and Lower Dementia Risk”

Being physically fit may sharpen the memory and lower our risk of dementia, even if we do not start exercising until we are older.


Joyful Living


“Why Bottling Up Emotions Is Bad for Your Health”

Sharing emotions, something that women do better, can be very positive


Science keeps showing evidence that laughter is the best medicine.”