Web Walking the American Discovery Trail

Hey Church Members,


Have you been feeling a bit slow-moving and tired lately? Well with all the Covid related limitations put on us lately – it’s no wonder we are gaining a bit of weight and losing our usual get-up-and go.


But wait!  There’s good news.

This coming Sabbath you can begin to change those annoying symptoms by joining our church’s Webwalking for Health program.


Here’s the Plan.

Who?  Anyone can join, even the children in your family. It’s a church family project and is also open to friends and relatives who would also like to join the fun.

What?  This will be a walking or biking, exercise.  All that needs to be reported is your miles.

Where? We are going to be virtually traveling the American Discovery Trail which will take us from the Pacific Ocean clear across America to the Atlantic Ocean.  That will be about 6,000 miles total through cities towns, over the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, through parks and many other interesting sites.

When? Like mentioned above, the project will begin this coming Sabbath, Oct. 9, and run regularly from Sabbath to Friday each week. Keep a record of the miles you walk or bike every day, and then on Friday go to the 5F for Life Website (see address below). Click on “Contact” and then print your name and the names of anyone else in your family and list the miles accumulated for the week by each one.

Why?   We all could use a bit more exercise.  Every part and function of our bodies benefit from exercise, and yet it’s so easy to be neglectful in this lifestyle need.


We will have a map on display in the church on which can be traced the progress of our group in this virtual trip across the United States.  Frequently (perhaps weekly), a brief report will also be given during the Worship Service, a report of progress, and of special sites we have gone through during the week.


So, lace up those shoes, and join this fun and “good-for-you” project.  Just to let you know, there will be some prizes for accomplishments along the way.


Wishing you blessings and good health,

Members of the Health Committee