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West Virginia: 280 mi.

West Virginia is called the Mountain State because it's the only state completely within the Appalachian Mountain region, and its average elevation is higher than any other state east of the Mississippi River! 


Maryland State Line to Streby

Nancy Hanks Memorial, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln’s mother  Such a tiny place for an entire family!

Greenland GapPictures


Streby to Nestorville

Monongahela National Forest - Pictures

Dolly Sods Wilderness Area - Pictures

Blackwater Falls State Park - Pictures

Tygart Lake State Park - Pictures


Nestorville to Wilsonburg

International Mother’s Day Shrine in Grafton 


Wilsonburg to Ohio State Line

North Bend State Park - Pictures


Ohio and Kentucky: 524 Miles

Historic sites abound, including the famous Serpent Mound, along with forests, wildlife areas and nature preserves.


Belpre (WVA border) to Chesterhill, OH

Blennerhassett Park - Pictures

Chesterhill, OH (begin Buckeye trail) to East Branch Church Road/SR 78

Wolf Creek State Wildlife Area - Pictures

East Branch Church Road/SR 78 to Ohio SR 664

Burr Oak State Park - Pictures

Wayne National Forest - Pictures

Ohio SR 664 to SR 327

Hocking Hills State Park - Pictures

Ohio SR 327 to Pike Lake State Park

Pike Lake State Park - Pictures
Pike Lake State Park to Beaver Pond Road at entrance to Davis Memorial State Nature Preserve


Fort Hill State Memorial and Nature Preserve - Pictures

Serpent Mound Historic Site - Pictures

Davis Memorial Nature Preserve - Pictures

Beaver Pond Road at entrance to Davis Memorial State Nature Preserve to Long Lick & Sunshine Ridge Roads

Shawnee State Park - Pictures

Long Lick & Sunshine Ridge Roads to Ohio SR 774 and Oakland-Locust Ridge Road at Grant Lake

Counterfeit House - Pictures

Ohio SR 774 and Oakland-Locust Ridge Road at Grant Lake to Eden Park, Cincinnati

Grant Lake - Pictures

Eden Park, Cincinnati to Elizabethtown

Eden Park - Pictures

Elizabethtown to Indiana (southern route)

Devou Park - Pictures

Historic Anderson Ferry - Pictures


Indiana: 366 Miles

Young Abe Lincoln, steamboats, you can even drop in and visit Santa Claus!


Ohio Line to Clifty Falls State Park

Lawrenceburg - Pictures

Madison - Pictures

Clifty Falls State Park - Pictures


Clifty Falls State Park to Deam Lake Campground

Clark State Forest - Pictures


Deam Lake State Park to Corydon

Deam Lake - Pictures

Wyandotte Caves- Pictures

Corydon - Pictures


Corydon to St. Meinrad

Saint Meinrad Archabbey - Pictures


St. Meinrad to Evansville

Santa Claus - Pictures

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial - Pictures

Lincoln State Park - Pictures

Warrick County Museum - Pictures

Angel Mounds State Historic Site - Pictures

Evansville Museum of Art, History, and Science - Pictures


Evansville to Illinois State Line (Wabash River)

Hovey Lake - Pictures

Illinois State Line (Wabash River) Pictures


Illinois: 284 Miles

There's a little bit of everything: farmland, forests, rolling hills and wetlands - and their license plates declare that it's "The Land of Lincoln".


Indiana State Line to Intersection with the River to River Trail - Pictures

River to River Trail - Pictures


River to River Trail to Grand Tower

Garden of the Gods - Pictures

Lusk Creek Canyon National Natural Landmark - Pictures

Millstone Bluff - Pictures

Grand Tower - Pictures


Grand Tower to East St. Louis (Missouri State Line)

Fort Kaskaskia - Pictures

Fort de Chartres - Pictures

Prairie du Rocher - Pictures

East St. Louis - Pictures


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